Innocent feat, Antonia Marquee

Innocent (feat. Antonia Marquee)

Calm Coastline Records is excited to announce the release of the latest single, “Innocent,” by UK artist Starfi. The track showcases Starfi’s unique blend of dreamy pop vocals and electronic beats, delivering a mesmerizing and emotional experience for listeners. “Innocent” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Visit Calm Coastline Records’ page for more information and to stay up-to-date on all the label’s releases.

E1 (1888) by Starfi

E1 (1888)

E1 (1888) by Starfi

Out today as an exclusive Beatport release (before it’s main release on July 28th) on Pure Euphoria (sub Stereo Arts), E1 (1888) is a dark mystery for you to solve. Download now and embrace the atmosphere, fathom out the story and decipher the code!