Starfi Electronica

Electronic Music

Sweeping synths and arps fused with electronica, trance, dub, drum&bass and chillout. Evolving, sometimes eclectic tracks, build on progressive beats that enable Starfi Electronica to traverse the boundaries and merge the genres.

Runaway Droid

Shifting between electronica, trance, drum & bass, electro and house music, Starfi compiled this first album as a journey throughout the musical styles for both dance and chillout alike…


Starfi Electronica’s second album. Sweeping synths and arps fuse electronica, trance, dub and chillout into nine tracks of progressive beats!

I Odyssey

The third album from Starfi Electronica! Created as a follow up to Radiotron, I Odyssey continues the electronica theme but soars off world to a new adventure…

Tin Man : Analogue Heart

The fourth and latest album from Starfi Electronica. Mixing breakbeat, drum and bass and electro rhythms with arps, synths and strings, the droids reveal their frustrations throughout!

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